[KBMI]’s dedication, tenacity, and creativity helped revitalize my label, and I am grateful for all of their help!
— Talina Hermann, Owner of Talina Hermann

The Challenge

Having built a presence in specialty boutique shops nationwide, in 2012 the Talina Herman label made the obvious obvious progression to e-commerce, but over the succeeding years quickly reached a plateau in both brand awareness and sales. In 2015, Talina Hermann aimed to revitalize it’s label through a completely redevised digital strategy designed to promote the launch of 3 new designer collections and an all-new e-commerce store.

The Solution

In order to bring the brand back into the spotlight, KBMI started from scratch, rebuilding the website’s backend analytics and reporting in order to provide guidance for a new digital strategy designed specifically to re-engage old customers and to attract the attention of new customers that fit the label’s customer profile (consumers of high-end fashion and luxury goods). Then, KBMI launched Talina’s first ever multi-channel marketing campaign, utilizing Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Retargeting, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Results

In less than a year, awareness and interest in the Talina Hermann label more than doubled, and KBMI was able to leverage new channels to increase e-commerce conversion rates and offer customers’ new paths to purchase - like a shoppable Instagram account (in Instagram), and Product Listing Ads in Google Adwords.


  • Instagram following doubled, from 19 to 40k (110% increase)
  • 400% increase in Facebook Ads Click Through Rate
  • 50% increase in Traffic/Pageviews
  • 600% increase in Product Lift


Digital Strategy

Social Marketing

  • Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Shoppable Instagram



  • Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

Ecommerce Data/Analysis

  • Reports delivered monthly

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