Keeping Riders in the saddle

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Cycle House targets customer retention with Email Marketing


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Founded in 2010, Cycle House offers an indoor cycling experience unlike any other group fitness class, and is widely considered Los Angeles’ most badass workout. Every ride at the House is a full body, fat-burning workout that incorporates interval training designed to produce real results, real quick.

Additionally, Cycle House cares deeply about improving the underserved community around Los Angeles. For every single ride taken, they donate two meals to a person in need (thousands of meals every week)

Change your routine. Change your results. Cycle House.



Getting new customers is always great, but converting them into avid fans and users is the ultimate goal of any business. But as any business owner can testify, this is always easier said than done.

While CH had little trouble bringing new riders through the door, they were challenged not just to maintain their retention rates, but to increase them. This proved especially difficult in Los Angeles, as they sought to compete for attention in one of the most crowded fitness markets in the country.

With seemingly endless options, fads, and “celebrity” trainers, CH needed a strategy in place to connect with customers at the right time in the Lifecycle to keep them active, engaged, and most importantly -- in the saddle.



KTLYST worked with CH’s in-house staff to review past retention marketing efforts to uncover possible opportunities. After extensive review and a deep dive into their customer data, we identified a solution: better Email Marketing.

To this day, Email is still one of the number one of the number one marketing channels for increasing customer retention lifetime value. But without a dedicated team in place to plan, execute, and measure strategy and performance, successfully leveraging email can be both difficult and frustrating.

We needed to build a custom Email Marketing strategy to connect with customers at different stages of their Lifecycle and to encourage and incentivize them to keep riding: more touch points, more A/B testing, better design.



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In order to make sure we were reaching the right customers at the right time, we had to make sure CH’s extensive database was organized and segmented to ensure higher engagement.

From there, we worked with CH to determine key points in the average customer’s journey, devising a specific conversion strategy for each point.

We rebuilt and redesigned CH’s email templates and automated behavioral campaigns from the ground up, and in less than two weeks we drew a positive ROI.

Are you looking to increase revenue through email marketing for your studio or store? What are you waiting for?