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We treat your business like our business, and we don’t win unless you do. We take the utmost pride in the success of our clients, and we cherish building relationships that last.

Case Studies

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With seemingly endless options, fads, and “celebrity” trainers, CH needed a strategy in place to connect with customers at the right time in the Lifecycle to keep them active, engaged, and most importantly -- in the saddle.

wishsir case study header.png

Having grown frustrated with the templated and cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing services from so-called “Real Estate Marketing Professionals”, Wish Sotheby’s turned to KTLYST to completely revamp their strategy and tactics from the ground up.

Following the most successful Spring/Summer season in the brand’s history, Boys and Arrows entered the Holiday Season of 2016 without a clear marketing strategy to expand its growth through the Winter off-season. 

Having an extremely successful wholesale business alongside their e-commerce shop, Gorjana doesn’t just compete against other jewelers for market share, but with other retailers that sell their own products! Good problems, right? Right . . .

the social life

After successfully launching their proprietary e-commerce platform to several campuses, The Social Life needed to implement a digital marketing strategy to reach and capture new customers. Being a bootstrapped start-up, a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) was absolutely paramount - with the shortest ramp as possible. . .

talina hermann

Having built a presence in specialty boutique shops nationwide, in 2012 the Talina Hermann label made the obvious obvious progression to e-commerce, but over the succeeding years quickly reached a plateau in both brand awareness and sales. In 2015, Talina Hermann aimed to revitalize it’s label through a completely redevised digital strategy designed to promote the launch of 3 new designer collections and an all-new e-commerce store. . .

l'horizon resort & spa