Wish Sotheby's builds new foundations

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Breaking the mold


Web Traffic Growth


Organic Traffic growth

Having grown frustrated with the templated and cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing services from so-called “Real Estate Marketing Professionals”, Wish Sotheby’s turned to KTLYST to completely revamp their strategy and tactics from the ground up.

We worked closely with their talented in-house marketing staff to tailor a multi-channel strategy specific to their own unique objectives. Fast forward almost 2 years, and WishSIR.com is one of the most visited real estate websites on the West Coast. 



Wish Sotheby's International Realty specializes in luxury real estate and homes for sale throughout San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

The firm is managed by a real estate attorney/owner/broker with over 35 years of experience representing many of the largest real estate brokerages in Los Angeles together with their thousands of real estate agents. 

The Challenge

Client Goals

  • Increase overall digital presence online and on social media
  • Developing a paid media strategy, leveraging owned assets like their website and blog

  • Create greater visibility for agents/listings

  • Give agents a digital tool kit

Before engaging with KTLYST, WishSIR had little visibility as to how their digital marketing was really performing. Sure, they had a marketing dashboard that told them their budget was being spent on industry content, social posts, lead generation, and Facebook marketing. But was it actually working?

Short answer: it wasn’t. Their site received few visitors, their content was hosted on a third party app, their Facebook posts had little or no engagement, and their so-called “leads” were worthless. 

In essence, their goal was very simple - achieve measurable, tangible value from their marketing budget. 

The Solution 

We ditched the cookie-cutter approach and customized a solution specific to their needs. We sat down with the team to define their target audience, and created a multi-channel strategy designed to promote the brokerage, its listing, and its agents. How did we do it?

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the perfect place for real estate advertising. And by combining Facebook's targeting capability with a tailored strategy, we're able to drive action from a highly-interested and relevant audience -- building greater brand awareness, creating new leads, and driving more traffic to listing pages. 

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Email Marketing

For both realtors and brokers, it’s crucial to utilize email to stay in touch with and engage your audience. We worked with WishSIR's creative staff to redesign and redevelop their approach, keeping their services, agents, and listings top-of-mind.


Curated Content Marketing

Wish Sotheny's Blog

Curated content doesn’t just build trust. It also helps your brand establish authority.

In order to add value to foster higher brand recall and authority, KTLYST built out and curated WishSIR's blog to help establish goodwill and trust, two things essential for long-term relationships with clients.



Each week, thousands of Los Angelenos visit and engage with Wish Sotheby's listings and content across the web, Facebook, Instagram, and email. KTLYST's effect has been measurable, boosting WishSIR to the top of the web traffic rankings for all California's Sotheby's Brokerages. 

KTLYST’s impact on this company has been tremendous. Our marketing has never been better — we now have the tools, strategy, and direction to compete with the biggest brokerages in LA.
— Ernest Wish, President and General Counsel of WishSIR