Gorjana takes off with Adwords


See how Gorjana went from 0-100 "real quick" when we took over their Adwords and PPC marketing with a Fully Managed service.




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The company began in 2004, born from the design and business ambition of husband and wife, Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel, whose bi-coastal residencies have fused a West Coast lifestyle inspiration with the sophistication and polish of East Coast trends into each design and collection. The company offers functional, stylish and highly wearable jewelry and other accessories – branded gorjana for women and griffin for men. In addition, gorjana & griffin is committed to charity and social causes.



Having an extremely successful wholesale business alongside their e-commerce shop, Gorjana doesn’t just compete against other jewelers for market share, but with other retailers that sell their own products! Good problems, right? Right…

The problem, however, created the need to refocus on their PPC/Adwords strategy to continue to build the brand’s search presence and to drive conversions on their own e-commerce store. The question was, how?



Here's how - we worked directly with Gorjana’s Marketing Team to completely revise and relaunch their Search Engine Marketing Strategy (SEM) with Adwords. We fully managed every aspect of the new campaign, including keyword strategy and optimization, ad copy, landing page optimization, and bid and budget management to insure maximum ROAS.

We didn’t just stop with Search - we also created Product Listings Ads with Adwords that allowed high intent searches to actually view their products before the click, serving higher on the page then competitive 3rd party retailers.



-Avg. Postion


Decreased CPC


Impression Share


In less than 30 days, we turned their relatively stagnant Adwords account into an e-commerce revenue driver - increasing Adwords generated revenue over 160%, while lowering their cost-per-click over 50%. Their Click Through Rates skyrocketed and their average Page Rank went from second to…..numero 1!

Most importantly, their renewed investment paid off - over 8x. Yes you read that right. It is possible to see a return of over 800% on your ad spend! You just need to “know a guy” ;)