Changing the game

Founded in 2012, The Social Life is a Collegiate and Greek Lifestyle Brand that creates clothing and apparel that champions the college experience. Recognizing an underserved and neglected market, TSL has created an entirely new collegiate marketplace that is driven by and catered to their customer's ever changing social culture.

The Challenge

After successfully launching their proprietary e-commerce platform to several campuses, TSL needed to implement a digital marketing strategy to reach and capture new customers. Being a bootstrapped start-up, a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) was absolutely paramount - with the shortest ramp as possible.

The Solution

As the brand’s initial success was completely generated through organic sources, a comprehensive digital strategy needed to be built from scratch. Starting with an analytical infrastructure to track and measure customer behavior and interactions, KBMI implemented a multi-channel strategy designed to create an individual experience for their customers at any stage of their lifecycle:

The Results

To this day, TSL is the most popular collegiate and greek life style brand across the country - with a digital presence that is second to none. Highlights include:

  • > 95% Impression Share (Search)

  • Average Quality Score of 9+ (Search)
  • Average Position of 1.1 (Search)
  • Over 50,000 New Customers (Search)
  • Over 20mm Impressions (Social)
  • Over 1mm Post/Page Engagements (Social)

** 3 - 5x Return On Ad Spend (Combined Search and Social) **